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  • All installations completed by the Company carry a 12-month warranty on equipment, accessories, cabling and workmanship. Warranty cover is the replacement/repair of any item comprising the installation, at no cost to the customer, where equipment failure is a result of faulty components or error in installation technique.
  • Equipment failure due to Operator error, third party interference, wear & tear, alteration to the environment or change of use to which the equipment is put are not covered by warranty and may invalidate the remaining warranty period on the item or the system.
  • Certain items/accessories used in an installation may carry a manufacturer’s warranty calculated in hours of use, validity dependent on application, or valid for periods of less than 12 months. In these circumstances the Company excludes these items from its standard warranty terms, extending the same terms as those offered by the manufacturer.
  • Items that fail in warranty will be uplifted and returned to the Company Service Centre for inspection. The repair will either be undertaken at the Service Centre, or if necessary will be returned to the manufacturer.
  • When an item of equipment faits, whether under warranty or not, the customer will be offered loan equipment (subject to availability) as a replacement item for the period of time that their equipment is being repaired. The use of company loan equipment is chargeable at published rates in all instances.
  • Nothing in these conditions will render the Company liable to the customer for any loss, damage or inconvenience whether direct or indirectly caused by damage to or breakdown of equipment supplied by the Company.
  • Charges for service calls, Service Centre repairs and loan stock that fall outside the terms of the warranty are supplied at published rates. Standard and priority attendance levels are available for all customers.
  • Planned preventative maintenance programmes are the most cost effective and efficient method of keeping systems in good working order and reducing the likelihood of equipment failure due to wear and tear. Please call us to discuss a quotation to provide this annual service to your site.

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